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Criminal Investigations

Time to Revisit Community Policing in Tulsa - by retired Chief of the Tulsa Police Department Drew Diamond

Do security cameras keep communities safer? - Point vs counterpoint by Policing.com's Bonnie Bucqueroux & Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley


A Brief History of Policing in the United States - click here to order the 55-minute DVD and companion 21-page study guide. Watch highlights below and then learn more

Study Guide
Study Guide
A Brief History of Policing in the United States tells the story of policing in the United States, from the earliest days when citizens policed themselves to today’s multi-function police professionals. It is designed to be used in college classes (criminal justice, sociology, political science), police training sessions and community workshops. The DVD and study guide explore themes including:

  • The expanding role of the police in American society
  • The shift from informal to formal sociol control
  • The community’s role in public safety
  • The dynamics of crime, fear of crime, and disorder
  • The impact of technology on police work
  • The challenges of policing in a democracy
  • Protecting everyone’s civil and human rights
  • Dealing with diversity inside the department
  • Innovations in policing, from scientific management to community policing to collabortive problem solving
  • Addressing problems (terrorism, drugs, white-collar crime) and the needs of vulnerable population (violence against women, child abuse, elder abuse)
  • Police leadership, politics, and public safety

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ARTICLE: Building Responsive Communities
Community Policing offers the model for neighborhood emergency response planning

Building Responsive Communities

What we should learn from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina is that each neighborhood needs its own Neighborhood Emergency Response Plan. Who are the vulernable residents who need special help? Which families have resources they are willing to share to help others? This article explores the contribution that Community Policing can make in helping communities plan for catastrophes, whether natural or man-made. Community Policing has an established track record of engaging communities in efforts to solve their own problems, with solutions tailored to their specific needs. An additional benefit to police/community collaborations is that this partnership between people and their police can be harnessed to dealing with everything from crime to disorder. . . . more

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Policing.com was created by Bonnie Bucqueroux, former Associate Director of the National Center for Community Policing at Michigan State University. Author, trainer, educator, she continues to write and consult in the field.



Speaking of Murder
New book by Bonnie Bucqueroux employs "media autopsies" to dissect the role of the press in explaining crime to the community - click here to download your free Study Guide

FREE TRAINING - The online courses listed below were created by Policing.com. You can now take these courses for free, though we always appreciate your donations through Amazon's Honor System above:

- Community Policing for Line-Level Officers - This is the first online course for police officers in what community policing is and how to make the most of this revolutionary approach. Produced by Bonnie Bucqueroux of Policing.com . . . more

- Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) - Canada and Australia have adopted BARJ as the best way to help troubled youngsters find a better path. Take this four-week course at your own pace. Produced in collaboration with the Building Responsive Communities initiative sponsored by the Michigan Bureau of Juvenile Justice. . . more

- Helping Our Girls (Gender Responsive Programming) - Girls have their own issues. Programs that fail to recognize the importance of these issues are doomed to fail. This self-paced online course offers the basics in gender-responsive programming, and it includes video of Dr. Glenn Stutzky discussing how to bully proof our schools. Produced in collaboration with the Michigan Task Force on Gender Responsive Programming. . . . more

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